Research axis

The landscape notion - "paysage" - is considered through a double perspective at the LAREP: theoretically and culturally. The theoretical understanding of landscape aims to characterize projects approaches compared to other actions about space, culture. With this perspective, research tries to observe and describe eloquents approaches in their practical consideration.

On the other hand, cultural understanding concerns today the numerous modalities of actions in the society, after being historically developed in the disciplines space thinking and conception, and in the artistic creation as well. The most pragmatic perspective asks to define landscape architecture's approaches and their paradigma into a wide contemporary corpus.

The research at the LAREP is organized in two axis :
  • Knowledges and practices of landscape architecture's projects : This axis has the objective to explore the knowledges in projects approaches, but also the own knowledge that get expressed through these approaches.
  • Public action and territorial landscape projects : This axis reflects social representations and practices that produce landscape. Researches interrogate the relation between landscape's material forms, its representations and public policies that are being pursued to regulate this practices and land uses.