Scientific project

The LAREP Laboratory
The LAREP's scientific project is focused on landscape architecture projects, conceived as a set of actions aiming to act on the landscape's milieu, following inhabitants needs and cares. Main topics and problematics of the laboratory's researches justify its implantation into a school that prepares to the State Degree of Landscape Architect (DEP), as well as the PhD in landscape's sciences.

The research team and disciplines

This research domain is defined in a wide but precise spectrum, crossing landscape design and planning, life sciences, humanities and social sciences. With 14 teachers-researchers and engineers on both sites, Versailles and Marseille, as well as nine PhD-students, the LAREP is actually developing several collaborations in France and abroad. Its original configuration links various stakeholders in the field of landscape architecture, brought together with researchers, landscape architects, engineers, PhD-Students and advanced master students on common scientific concerns.

An interdisciplinary approach on landscape architecture

The research field embodies two main sets : first of all, the knowledges and practices which fund the landscape working actions for professionals ; secondly, the exploration of public actions and collective management of landscape on a territorial basis. The various disciplinary fields (ecology, geography, ethnology, sociology, political sciences, history of architecture and urban planning, landscape design,...) of the LAREP's researchers cross their research fields on landscape architecture and contribute to the interdisciplinary character of the laboratory. The projects developped by the LAREP take fully part to the actual scientific debate about milieu, environment space, territoriality, and human societies.

The interaction between actors from both sites in Versailles and Marseille, as well as with public or private partners in landscape policies is a common ground of the scientific debate at the LAREP. The seminar, open to all, brings together researchers, PhD-students and takes place regularly in Versailles. Each time, a guest, designer or researcher, is invited and presents his work about ongoing researches.